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Concerto live
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Our intent

"SenesiLiveShows" is a musical organization

made up of excellent musicians,

founded by Maestro Stefano Senesi which has as its main objective,

create live shows of international scope, enriching each song with the extraordinary melodic ability that distinguishes an Italian musician from the rest of the planet.

The singular competence and exceptional Italian musical quality

at the service of luxurious and prestigious contexts whether they are private parties, ceremonies, conventions or whatever.

Seriousness, competence and professionalism

are the trademark of this extraordinary reality, always ready to satisfy even the most demanding public


Single Objective
"Donate yourself"


There is no other way to excite and involve the public than "Donate yourself".
An act of love for us and for those who listen to us,
a gift of the soul,
the true recognition of the importance of the moment.
Study, technique, experience combined with talent
make the difference,
create the unforgettable soundtrack
of your special moments.

There is no happy memory without his heart song.

There is no show without passion.

It's not called a party without the "SenesiLiveShows"!


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