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Our Live Shows are our greatest pride.

Sons of the infinite love for music and the homeland of melody, Italy.

Excellently played and meticulously thought out in every detail.

Products to make everything beautiful even more exciting and heavenly.

Seeing is believing

Image by Divyadarshi Acharya



The entire emotional hemisphere of one of the most expressive Italian pianists in a truly unique performance in terms of sensitivity and absolute elegance. If you are looking for one of the best and most intense pianists in the Italian musical panorama, Maestro Stefano Senesi is the indisputable guarantee if you want to most important moments in a person's life an authentic magic.

  Maestro Stefano Senesi and all his talent to light up the heart and soul through the black and white keys.




The extraordinary encounter of two true "Outsiders" in terms of talent, professionalism, excellence and elegance. Two "Giants" of Italian music, Stefano Senesi at the piano  and Riccardo Rinaudo voice  are the extraordinary interpreters of this incredible performance that you will never be able to forget.

Image by Janis Straume



The reduced version of our quartet in a more intimate key. Piano, Saxophone and Voice in the most beautiful three-man performance you have ever heard for taste and musical selection.

Image by Miti



An exceptional quartet composed of piano, double bass, sax and voice. Perfect for the aperitif moment, the welcome cocktail and for all those contexts where a soft, romantic but at the same time sparkling and joyful listening is needed.



A band made up of piano, electric bass, saxophone, drums and voice of the most exhilarating ever seen before. Excellent in every context, a unique show that ranges from pop, swing, soul, etc.

All rigorously and excellently played live. A real pearl for a self-respecting event.


                    FOUR MORE ONE


If you are looking for a real end-of-the-night show, a concert with an international flavor, the Four more Ones are the guarantee of a breathtaking show.

Consisting of piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drums and vocals this live set will electrify audiences of any background, age or musical taste. A real pop rock band ready to seal special and unique events.


    The  FINAL


The classic final of all parties,the DJ Set, on launch offer when combined with at least one Live Show.


 and  more... 

Artistic and Logistic Support

Impeccable Sound Management

Inspections Locations

Management of Bands-Service Relationships

Customised Repertoires

Live recording of each Live Show


Absolute categorical imperative: "To excite!"

"SenesiLiveShow", musical projects, designed, studied and dedicated  to luxurious and prestigious events that deserve the right care, attention and excellence.

A journey into international pop music but not only, a selection of songs more exclusive and known than the history of world music remembers,

excellently and rigorously played live, to create unique heavenly atmospheres.


Band Stage

An extraordinary musical experience

The SenesiLiveShows is synonymous with a guarantee for a show of immense artistic and emotional caliber.

Studied down to the smallest detail to involve, relax and entertain anyone.

Rigorously played live by excellent musicians with proven experience, it will be the "sine qua non" of every event that respect. A show with ancient roots based on deep musical knowledge for taste and sensitivity.

A real pearl that cannot be missed when it comes to elegance and harmony.

Our organization guarantees the impeccable realization of all the shows, from the service to the sound management, from the musical selection to the relationships with the musicians up to the logistics.

From the score to the complete show.

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