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The best musicians of our time, extraordinary interpreters of your emotions in music


An extraordinary and unique musical collaboration.


Perfect    Interplay

Stefno Senesi al piano.png


Creator and founder of the "SenesiLiveShows"

Author, Producer, Pianist and Teacher.

At the age of 4 he began studying the piano and at 11 he entered the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, where he obtained a diploma in piano, harmony and composition, deepening counterpoint techniques and practicing orchestral and choral writing at the same time. the same period, in addition to classical music, he begins to gain experience in pop and rock music, playing in various musical groups, until he comes into contact with some producers of the Italian RCA who invite him to collaborate first as a pianist for auditions of young artists, to then become one of the most requested session men both in the studio and in live concerts of the most famous artists of Italian and foreign pop music. He has collaborated with great Italian authors such as Rino Gaetano, Francesco de Gregori, Mimmo Locasciulli, Ivan Graziani, Fausto Leali , Enrico Ruggeri, Nino D'Angelo, Patty Pravo, Loredana Bertè, Mimmo Cavallo, Mariella Nava, Mia Martini, Fabio Concato, Antonello Venditti, Giann the Morandis, Giorgia, Anna Oxa up to Renato Zero, with whom he will form a close and prolific professional relationship. In February 2011 he participates in Sanremo as an author with the song "Tra tegole e cielo" interpreted by the young Marco Menichini. In October 2011 he is Professor of Piano at the Saint Luis Music College in Rome. In 2012 he collaborates in the production of Mariella Nava's CD "Tempo Mosso". Simultaneously with the artistic production of young talents, he is working on the production of his own piano CD entitled… "I like it like this" and on the production of live shows, dedicated to exclusive and prestigious events.



Massimo Pasquarelli.png

Max Pasquarelli 


From 1984 he attended the two-year period at "L'ActorStudio" in Rome studying singing, acting and dance and joined the homonymous company with the musical: "Lollypop" staged at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome. The famous author Claudio Mattone, lo he will later choose as solo voice for: "The friends of his son" with the orchestra conducted by Maestro Mazza for the daily broadcast of Italia 1 "Televiggiú". The collaboration with Mazza will continue until 1992 between the Mediaset and RAI programming, for then become the creator of various musical projects including the "Fool's Night Band", the "Emporium & Max Pasquarelli "with Max Gazzé on bass, the "SoulSystem" and the "Max Parquarelli Band". In the mid-90s, he began a collaborative path in the dance music as an author, composer and solo voice in English which he still edits in Italian too. In 1997 alongside Renzo Arbore he became a musical consultant of the daily formats for "RAI international". The following year he joined the " Company of l Cilindro " as singer and actor for the musical comedy: "The Creation of the World" music by E. Bennato and "I Sette Re di Roma" of which he is the sole musical author and "L'Odissea".

Alessandro Sanna

Alessandro Sanna

Eletric bass Player  


Alessandro Sanna approaches music at the age of eight thanks to the passion transmitted by his family. After studying classical guitar for two years, he discovers the magnificent sound of the electric bass from which he will never leave. For a few years he privately studied the basic technique of the electric bass to then undertake classical studies of the double bass. He attended the Conservatory of S. Cecilia for the double bass course, then he took part in various bass technique courses for the Jazz and Funk styles, earning various certificates. For the improvement of the sound and for the study of Jazz Harmony he relies on the guidance of bassists such as Alain Caron, Dario Daidda,Marco Siniscalco.

During his studies he met many musicians, still established in the Italian music scene, with whom he made numerous musical experiences both in the studio and live.
He has collaborated and collaborates occasionally with artists and musicians such as: Roberto Angelini, Paolo Vallesi, Gianni Togni, Sandro Giacobbe, Donatella Rettore, Mario Schilirò, Fio Zanotti, Sandro Comini, Marco Rinalduzzi, Luca Napolitano (Amici), Samantha Discolpa, Rodolfo Maltese ( Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Mimmo Cavallo, Jerry Marotta, Robbie Dupree, Tony Levin, RachelZ, Marcello Cirillo, Paolo Mengoli, Milk & Coffee, Velvet, Carlotta, Francesca Alotta, Daniele Perrino, Viola Valentino, Crystal White, Mark Hanna, Stefano Scarfone, Barbara Eramo, Cristiano Micalizzi, Marcello Surace, Derek Wilson, Nerio Poggi, Daniele Vit, Cliò, Simone Patrizi, Timothy Snell, "Amici di Maria De Filippi", Giuseppe Anastasi and many others...
Realizes the project "La voce della Luna Band", (official) Italian Tribute Band sponsored by Radio Italia and Video Italia, dedicated to Alex Baroni


Endorser for "JACARANDA" basses and "EAR PROJECT" in-ear monitor listening systems.


Salvatore Mennella

Salvatore Mennella


At the age of 16 he began privately studying the drums to then access the courses of the "Saint Louis Jazz School" in Rome. During his military service he entered the Departmental Band of the Navy of La Spezia, playing in many national theaters and television broadcasts. In 1993 he forms the "Goff O' Quartet" with which he arrives at jazz also collaborating in numerous shows of interaction between dance music and prose together with the choreographers Belletti and Mantovani. The following years see him participate in various collaborations in television broadcasts, festivals and reviews approaching rock and following lessons with Agostino Marangolo. In 2000 he participates in the creation of the CD "The Vision" by MariaAngela Spotorno. In addition he carries out rhythmic awareness workshops in various state schools, takes care of the artistic programming of tourist villages and prestigious nightlife venues, collaborates with "Coincido" (Sanremo 2005) and joins the "Pantharmonikon" Orchestra directed by Maestro Puopolo with whom he collaborates on a fusion project between classical and progressive rock for the "RockSweet" events. In 2009 he undertakes an artistic partnership with Gatto Panceri which will see the birth of the CD "Gatto Panceri Live" and various tours.The years following accompanies Arisa on some dates of her tours, records the album "Via" for Giulia Pratelli, is part of the band of the "Premio Donida", is the drummer of the concert event "Mogol's masterpieces - 50 years of successes" and elaborates a method of approach to the instrument and work on posture and prevention of pathologies in musicians entitled: "S(u)ono come sono" in collaboration with guitarist Massimo Varini. Later he will collaborate with Jalisse, for Max Petronilli in two of his CDs , with Alborosie playing in the song: "A piedi scalzi" sung in pairs with Giuliano Sangiorgi of Negroamaro, with the sax M.Balena, the singer-songwriter Andrea Perrozzi for the show: "Cantastelle" and the Gemelli di Guidonia. finally, he is a lecturer in various structures in Rome and its province.



Riccardo Rinaudo


Graduated from the Art School and consequently enrolled in the Academy of Art, he increases his passion for music, the guitar and other instruments. Therefore, he begins the study of opera and pop singing with qualified teachers first in Brindisi and then in Rome. In 1996 together to his brother Marco, he founded the "Babylon" group with which he participated in the "Sanremo Giovani" festival with a song of which he was the author, broadcast in prime time on RAI2. In the same period he signed a contract with Universal Music. Endowed with an excellent vocal technique and a notable extension is considered among the best  vocalist of the Roman music scene.
He has participated as a singer / chorister in numerous television and radio broadcasts including: The best years 6, David di Donatello, C'è Posta per Te, New Year's Eve with Gigi D'Alessio, Luckily there is RAI2. In addition he has collaborated in recording studio and live with: Claudio Baglioni, Francesco Renga, Michael Sembello, Tuck & Patti, Massimo Ranieri, Michele Zarrillo, Fedez, Max Gazzè, Niccolò Fabi, Alex Britti, Paola and Chiara, Simone Cristicchi, Enrico Ruggeri, Mietta, Luisa Corna ,Fabio Concato,Anna Tatangelo,Bianca Atzei,Dear Jack,Valerio Scanu,Luca Barbarossa,Pooh,Il Volo,Franco Califano,Neri per Caso,Patti Pravo,Giorgia,Alain Sorrenti,Renato Zero,Tiromancino,Teresa De Sio,Audio2, Don Backy, Mario Venuti, Noemi, Simona Molinari, Renzo Arbore, Povia, Alexia, Peppino di Capri, Edoardo VIanello, Tony Renis, Jimmy Fontana, Alberto Fortis, Antonello Venditti, Marco Mengoni, Mario Biondi and many others.
Voice and choir in the film "Chrismas in love"
Chorus in various Disney Channel productions
Singing teacher.

fabio 2_edited.png

Fabio  Penna

Double bass player  

Fabio Penna began studying electric bass at the age of 16 at the Popular Music School of Casal Bertone. He then continued his studies with the Masters Gullotto, Moriconi, Pirozzi, Siniscalco, Avena, Zaratti, Fedeli, Mimmis, etc. and participates in some stages at the University of Music where he graduated in 1996. Subsequently he began an intense live activity and as a teacher in various Roman schools, giving life to numerous clinics throughout the national territory.

He has participated in numerous festivals such as PalermoJazzExpo,JazzGenova,MottolaFestival,Festival del Mediterraneo,GiglioJazz,Meeting di Rimini,PonzaJazz,EtnoMusicMilano,PalianoJazz,OstiaBluesFestival,FontanaLiriJazzFestival,ToscanaJazz,AlatriJazz,SegniJazz,BargaJazz,BaronissiJazz,PitiglianoFestival,FestivalValsuganaJazz,EuropeMusicFestBucarest,FestivalBucharest , JulySuonaBeneCaveaAuditorium.

He has collaborated with A.Venditti,S.Salemi,F.Stragà,S.Patrizi,M.Zanier,P.Arcuri,T.Mammuccari,H.Goins,M.Hanna,H.Bradley,J.HoldenA.Byron Burns, K.Potter,S.Micarelli,R.Zeffirelli,D.Panozzo,E.Fioravanti,L.Turco,T.Tracanna,L.Tessarollo,M.Taggiasco, M.Stern,R.Ford,L.Bacalov and many others .

Works in the "Full Monty" Orchestra, directed by G.Proietti with G.Ingrassia and R.Laganà

Bassist in the RAI Orchestra on Sunday in RAI uno, 2013\2014-2020\2021 editions.

He currently collaborates with the author Stefano Masciarelli.

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